Monday, 29 July 2013

Where has the time gone??

July has gone SO quickly and so much has happened since I last posted! I had a great time at home and it was so lovely to spend time with my family again. I have finally taken the plunge and I've moved out of my childhood home. I say "moved out" but I still have a lot of my belongings there so I suppose I've not properly moved out yet... I'm now living with my boyfriend, Mario, in Nottingham and so far it's going really well! I was naturally a little nervous about it all but that's expected.

I suppose the next big thing I need to share is this:

I graduated! I now have a BA Joint Hons in German with French from Nottingham Trent University! It was stupidly hot that day and I had a proper sweat on for most of the day! Delightful... It was lovely to have the support of my family there and they all seemed so proud! My sister even stayed with us for a few days after graduation which was so wonderful!

I've been doing a lot of baking lately! In case you don't know, my dream is to open my own tea room so I need to perfect the art of delicious cakes! Mario and my housemate, Matt, don't mind sampling them for me!

Vanilla cupcakes - my auntie's recipe. They're so tasty!

Earl Grey Cupcakes - the icing was incredible but the tea flavour in the cake wasn't strong enough for me at all!

Coconut cupcakes with lime and coconut icing - these went down a storm with my friends and my grandma loved them too!

Banana and chocolate cupcakes with Nutella icing - I thought these cakes were going to be a disaster. I over-filled the cases and the icing was too wet... Turned out they were delicious!!

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles - these didn't last very long either! Yum yum!

Banana and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate icing - these weren't was banana-tasting as the last batch I made but were still tasty. Mario bought me a piping bag that allows two icings to be used! Grandma said that they looked very professional; what a compliment! :D

We went to Nottingham Pride on Saturday! I went with the intention to sell my friendship bracelets (Banana Bracelets) but we won't discuss how that went... *cough* I had a great time anyway and the atmosphere was great! I even did rainbow makeup to commemorate the occasion and to get into the spirit of things! I received a lot of compliments on it :)


The job hunt continues but I do have an interview next week so hopefully my luck will be changing soon! *fingers crossed*