Thursday, 12 December 2013

I know, I'm a Terrible Human Being...

I have a new job! I work at a shop that sells beads and it's just perfect for me :) I'm so pleased that I was successful with the interview! I've been there for about 3 weeks now, almost 4, and I've learnt so much already! I have already started to make earrings and such and it's all very exciting for me!

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I post on The Corner of Craft's blog a lot more frequently than I do here, but that's because I think that I don't have anything to share with you here! I post the things that I make on TCOC and I've been making a lot of things lately, like these amazing penguin mittens/fingerless gloves!!

I'm so proud of them as they took me such a long time to make! I'm now frantically making Christmas presents for people for Christmas! So many gifts, so little time.

See you again soon!