Saturday, 25 May 2013

Farewell Uni!

So May has been a hectic month for me as it was the month my dissertation was handed in, the month all my final assignments and presentations were due as well as the exams I had to study for, but it has finally come to an end. I am finished with university now! No more studying or education for the next few years, which is weird because I have been in education non-stop since I was 5-years-old!! I feel a bit at a loose end now. I don't know what to do with myself!

First of all, dissertation hand-in! That was due the 3rd of May and I was actually finished with it way before then so I didn't have a last minute stress, which I definitely predicted for myself.

 It was a very interesting topic to research and I absolutely loved writing it. I liked that it was one of my only modules that I was interested in and enjoyed as much as I did because I wasn't so engaged with the other modules I was forced to study. If people are interested in finding out what a typical German is, or "typisch Deutsch" as they say, let me know and I may do a blog post about it :)

 This is me just after I handed my dissertation in! Look at the sheer excitement I have on my little face.

Bank holiday Monday, or May Day, followed this celebratory time. In England, May Day is renowned for being rainy and miserable, but this year it was actually incredibly sunny! Who'd have thought? I went to the local park with one of my friends and a group of her friends. We had a picnic and icecream and we played a new card game that I want to say is called Mafia, but I'm not entirely sure. It was a while ago!

That afternoon, my housemates and I had a lovely BBQ! You'd never have guessed that a few days later the weather turned and was cold, wet and unpleasant! The same friend whom I went to the picnic with bought me some daffodils! I won the pot at the choir Christmas party, but I only just got my prize from my friend! She decided to make it more interesting with some gorgeous daffodils, which aren't quite so gorgeous any more!

And finally, I have changed my hair colour once again. I was trying to go for a more acceptable-to-society colour, but my hair is brighter than I thought it would be! Directions Rubine (diluted with conditioner) on top and then Directions Plum (mixed with some violet and diluted with conditioner) on the bottom of my hair.

I have had people telling me frequently that this is their favourite colour-combination, but I always get different people telling me different things about the colour of my hair! I guess it's all about personal preference at the end of the day!

I bought my grad ball dress but you'll have to wait until the event to see that, unless you follow me on Instagram (@HananatheBanana) because I have already posted a photo on there.

I'm off to the boyfriend's in Exeter this afternoon and I'm very excited about it! I still need to pack but it's fine... I have plenty of time!

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