Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Over a Month??

Hey all!

So it's been over a month since I last wrote a blog post here but I didn't think anything interesting had happened so I have nothing to report! Uni's been very stressful and my time management is horrible so I've been working my bum off on various assignments!

I did have time to record a teapigs tea review video! It's not got many views and no one's left me feedback yet so I don't know whether to keep recording them or just leave it at one video and admit defeat...

I also coloured my hair again. It's purple and pink now, which is pretty aces! The above picture is me dressed up as a Russian aristocrat for a murder mystery party I went to! I actually won by guessing the murderers correctly! The horrendous French accent on the CD was hilarious, especially as some of the people at the party were French too!!

My housemate Christine and I also celebrated the handing in of her 4th assignment in 3 weeks! We couldn't be bothered to mix the amaretto with the coke for each glassful, so the teapot got a different use! And you can't use a teapot without the teacups! We're so classy...

I also sang in a concert! It was called "Last Night of the Spring Proms" and the NTU choir sang with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. We were frequently told that it was a "once in a lifetime opportunity" and we performed a world première of Paul Carr's Ave Maria! He dedicated it to us and was apparently very moved by the performance we gave. 

I'll try to be more regular with the blog posts from now on!! 

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