Monday, 25 February 2013


My parents came to visit me last week and we went to the gorgeous village of Bakewell, which is located in Derbyshire. I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful place and I didn't want to leave! I decided for definite that I want to open tea rooms when I'm older and my parents actually support my decision, which is amazing.

So, onto the photos! We were blessed with gorgeous weather when we went to Bakewell, so that may have influenced, or at least encouraged, my love for the place. It is situated on the River Wye in the Derbyshire Dales and, according to Wikipedia, it is the only town included in the Peak District National Park. Every photo included in this post are my own :)

I just loved seeing the row of seagulls sat on top of this apartment building! There was another building next to it that looked the same and also had seagulls sat up there!

"This attractive medieval five-arched bridge built around 1300 is one of the oldest in the country and still carries main road traffic over the River Wye." (Fowkes, 2001)

And, of course, what with Bakewell being famous for its puddings and tarts, I had to have a cup of tea and a slice of Bakewell tart! It would have been criminal otherwise! I have included a link to a recipe for a Bakewell tart for those of you who don't know what one is! Just click here to go to the recipe :)

This was in the window of the tea rooms we went to for our tea and tart. You're able to post a tart to anywhere in the country, which I just thought was awesome! The café was called The Bakewell Tart Shop.

This tea cosy and stacked teacups were in a window of a cute shop, and I decided that I had to take a photo, along with the photo underneath, which was also in the window of the shop!

There was a craft fair on in the scout hut on the day that we went there so Mum and I made a beeline for it, as I get my love of crafts from her! On one stall, a company called Diamond Lil's was selling adorable hairclips and brooches. I wanted to buy them all but in the end I settled for this gorgeous little gingerbread man hairclip!

But yes, that was my summary of my day in Bakewell. It's such a beautiful place. If you have the opportunity to go, make sure you let me know so I can come with you :P I'm just joking! But seriously, you should go if you can. It's gorgeous!

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