Thursday, 3 January 2013

A day of procrastination and blog-browsing.

So I've been procrastinating big time today. I have 6 pieces of work that I need to do for the next couple of weeks, as well as my dissertation. As you'll soon discover, I am one for leaving things until the last minute! I guess I just work best under pressure... Or that's what I tell myself anyway!!

Whilst procrastinating, I have been browsing blogs, and particularly crafting blogs. I am quite into craft myself and love to see what wonderful things other people have made!

One blog that I have spent most of today going through every page, is Twinkie Chan. Her motto is "Eat your cake & wear it, too!" That basically sums up her work! This talented crochet-queen makes gorgeous food-based accessories, such as ice cream hair clips and cupcake scarves! I ordered her book today so hopefully that will be coming through in the next couple of days.

You have no idea how excited I am! Actually... You can probably tell by the amount of exclamation marks I've used in this post.

I have an online store called "Banana Bracelets" where I sell the friendship bracelets that I make. 

I've recently been thinking about expanding my online shop to items that I have knitted and crocheted too. My mum got me a wonderful book for Christmas!
Definitely will be trying out some of those hats. The first hat I'm desperate to try is a crab hat (and by "crab hat", I do not mean a hat designed for crabs to wear...)

Anyway, I will write a post introducing myself soon, I promise! I wish you all the best with the year ahead and I hope 2013 sees you well :)

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